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Common questions

What version of Mac and iOS is required to download the MCAT Book?

OS X requires version 10.9 or later, iPad requires iOS 5 or later, and iPhone requires iOS 8.4.

Does MVP Series Plan On Expanding Into Other Academic Subjects Than The AAMC MCAT?

We never talk about future products, but we have a great interest in expanding into other academic areas.

Is There An Android Or Windows Version Of Your AAMC MCAT Book?

No. Currently we do not have a MCAT book for android or windows.

If I Purchase The AAMC MCAT Book For My iPad Do I Have To Buy It Again For My MacBook Pro?

No. If you purchase our MCAT book for the iPad you will have access to the same MCAT book for your iMac and MacBook Pro.

Do You Offer Free AAMC MCAT practice questions?

You can download some of our free MCAT practice questions by going to our store tab and clicking on the purchase button. Once you are there you can choose to download a sample and within the sample book there are free MCAT practice questions. We give these MCAT practice questions in our sample book so you can see how our interactive MCAT prep book works.

Why Do You Offer Two AAMC MCAT Books?

We have a Physical Science section and a Biological Science section. The Physical Science section contains information in Physics and General Chemistry. The Biological Science section contains informaiton in Biology and Organic Chemistry. You can download a sample of each book with free MCAT practice questions.

When A New Edition Of The AAMC MCAT Book Is Released Will I Have To Pay For The Update?

No. When we release the next edition of our MCAT prep book it will be a free update for anyone who has purchased our latest MCAT prep book.

I Read That You Offer A Free MCAT Formula Sheet; How Do I Download It?

You can download our free MCAT formula sheet by going to our store tab and scrolling to the bottom of the page. There you will find a button that will allow you to download our free MCAT formula sheet. The formula sheet folds into a tripod and is three formula sheets in one. We also have some MCAT practice questions you can try for free by downloading a sample of our MCAT prep book under the store tab.