Why The Name MVP Series?

My name is Brent Nelson and I am the founder of MVP Series. To really tell the story of what this company is all about I think I would have to go back to about 5th grade. When I was in 5th grade I took up the sport wrestling. The middle school I went to did not have a wrestling team. The team I wrestled for was a special organization made mainly for high school freshman and sophomore students during the off season, but occasionally some 5-8th graders would go to the practices.

I loved wrestling and when I got to high school I continued to wrestle where the intensity of the practices increased and workouts got more extreme, but I was ready for the challenge. In high school wrestling took up the majority of my time and I spent very little time thinking about my exam on Romeo and Juliet. I was always thinking about my next big opponent and studying their movements on video camera so when I got to wrestle them I knew what they were going to do before they did it.

The video below shows my last wrestling match ever for competition. It is the state finals in Louisiana, where I grew up (I am in black and I am the red score on the scoreboard).

After high school I never wanted wrestling to end, but the only option for a wrestler who doesn't want to let go of wrestling is to become a coach. Sure there are things like MMA and boxing, which I did for a little while (no competing) but as a career I felt that teaching and coaching would be the best thing for me. In my first year of college I was an assistant wrestling coach for my local high school and one of my wrestlers that I coached in high school is now competing in MMA and could be in the UFC one day.

So this led me into the major Kinesiology in the College of Education at LSU. My first science class in college was Biology and wow was I so amazed. It was a whole new world to me and all microscopic. I suppose the same material was taught to me in high school, but I must have missed the amazing factor of it because I was so distracted with wrestling. After Biology when I took Chemistry all I thought about was how chemicals reacted together. I remember sitting in the 459 dining hall at LSU when it was completely empty at 8:00 am, drinking a small cup a coffee, listening to "foolish hearts" (love the 80s), and studying chemistry from my professor John Hopkins, who was and is one of the best professors at LSU and possibly in the United States. There was no denying it at this point I was in love with chemistry and science.

However, there was one problem with all the science material that I was learning and that is it took me too long to find the information I needed when I wanted it. So I started putting my material into my computer, all my original words, but I wanted to make everything about the material perfect. Every common mistake, every important science information, every perfect picture, and everything had to be short concise and correct. I even started adding science material that was not in my science classes to my data base on my computer. This is the source for the product that is now called "5:28 Knockout".

I was hired by LSU to work as a tutor and I tutored Chemistry (1 and 2), Organic Chemistry (1 and 2), and Physics (1 and 2). As a tutor I use to work with many premed students at LSU and they would mention how they had to take the MCAT and they could not afford a Kaplan or Princeton Review course and I was their main source of personal help on the science subjects. They also saw the work that I had done over the years of my science data base on my computer. They were really impressed with it and wanted to use it to study for the MCAT. At this point I was about to graduate from LSU and I knew that I had to get this material to every student in this United States. So I went to Princeton Review and climbed the corporate ladder to talk to someone who would buy my material from me to give to premed students. After they told me no that they would not buy my material I told them I would give it to them for free and once again they still told me no. Maybe it was my pajama pants that wore to talk to the manager at Princeton Review for the first time or maybe it was something else. The MCAT material was made in combination of me personally and many professors at LSU. Whatever the case for the reasons why Princeton Review told me no, I knew that if this computer MCAT data base was going to be something for students everywhere to have I was going to have to do it alone.

I name the company MVP Series and gave the slogan "Champions of Education" because I view teaching and coaching as somewhat of the same thing. Students look for guidance through their teachers and athletes look for guidance through their coaches. Also, when I wrestled I would always look over to my coaches corner to see if he was telling me anything. For example if you watch the video above you will notice that I look over to my coach at the start of the second period to see which position I should take. Sometimes my coach can see things or think of things in a match that I am unable to get. Also towards the end of the match when there is 9 seconds left and I just took the lead from losing 4 to 6 to being ahead 9 to 6 I look over to my coach again. What my coach was telling me was to lift the ankle. The reason he was telling me that was because I was penalized for locking my hands twice in that match (the second time is questionable to me) and my coach did not want me to get penalized for it again, so by lifting the ankle my hands would be far apart as possible and there would be no mistake I did not lock my hands.

Training for the MCAT can be a similar experience. In our material I can show you lots of areas where students get caught and make mistakes, but that is not the only thing that is special about our product. Our product is very affordable. Thinking back to the students who needed help with a course but couldn't afford it is just something I am not going to take advantage of. Yes this is my job and I love what I do, but I am not going to make students pay a big price tag for wanting to go to medical school.

The name is MVP Series because we believe we are the best and most innovative MCAT prep company, which is where the MVP part comes from and the sports theme is to show that just like a coach we are in this together with our students.

I hope there is a lot more to come with MVP Series and one day I think there will even be a Chemistry MVP, Physics MVP, and many other MVP's because I truly believe that our product is the best product around for students.