3 Things To Do Before Your Med School Interview

1. Dress Code:

Dress to impress. This is a professional school and a professional career where you will be responsible for taking care of the lives of others. You want to show medical schools that you are serious about this.

For men you should wear a suit with a tie. For women you should wear a suit with a skirt or pants. The skirt should not be too short or too tight. It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes because you maybe walking a lot and perhaps maybe even taking a tour of the campus.


2. Know Exactly Where To Drive For The Interview:

It will not hurt if you arrive early and part of this means getting a good night sleep. If you have to travel a long way to the location of the interview plan that head of time the day before the big interview. If by some reason you do arrive late make sure you apologize for being late when you arrive. This shows that you acknowledge that you arrived late and you are not trying to sneak under the radar.

3. Engage And Be Excited To Be There:

This probably obvious to anyone, but when you are nervous it can be sometimes hard to show it. You should not be nervous - so keep telling yourself that; remember the medical school is interested in you. When the interviewer is talking to you relax and make eye contact with him or her and remember to smile and shake their hand and tell them it is a pleasure for you to be there. Medical schools want students who want to be there.