How Long Should You Study For The MCAT?

The time each student should spend on studying for the MCAT is different to be plain and simple. The reason it depends is because different students have different circumstances; for example, some students may have had some great high school science teachers and those students learned chemistry, physics, and biology very well. Then when they got to college they saw some of the same material for a second time, then when they started studying for the MCAT they saw the information again for a third time. Another case would be that sometimes students take a year or more off after college to work in the medical field and then take the MCAT, so the science information is not as fresh in their mind.

However, on average about 2-4 months is about the time required for most students. You should start off your MCAT prep with a practice test offered by third party test prep company and save the AAMC test for the last few test you take. If you score high on your first practice test, lets say about a 507, then you probably do not need too much time to prep for the MCAT and can probably only prep for about a month.

If you need time to prepare for the MCAT like 90% or more of the students who take the MCAT, then you want to get to a point where you are taking one practice exam per week. Also, after you take the practice exam review all of the questions, even the questions you get right. The reason you should review the questions you get right is because you may pick up some knowledge about a question that you answered right for the wrong reasons or the answer key showed a faster way to find the answer than what you used.

When you first start preparing for the MCAT we do not recommend doing lots of practice exams at first; doing one practice exam a week is something you build up to by first doing content review and focus your energy on the subject you are weak in and the areas that are strongly emphasized on the MCAT. You can visit our "About MCAT" page to see the areas of the MCAT that are tested more.